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What To Do If You're In A Career Rut

build confidence career growth get out of a rut stuck in career succeed Jan 28, 2023

Have you ever taken an online test to confirm you are in a career rut? Or stuck?

There’s ONE massively important factor those clickbait assessments overlook: whether or not you are building confidence or eroding it.

Building confidence comes from doing things afraid. It’s a can-do, necessity, I'll figure it out attitude.

(The opposite is eroding confidence – a belief you’re forever stuck where you are in your career… with no hope of growing or making progress.)

The most successful business professionals I know spend time cultivating their confidence by doing things afraid. They understand that it’s key to overcoming career challenges.

Look, if you’re looking to accomplish great things in your career and reach somewhere close to your full potential…

Here are five things to work on to get you out of career rut for yourself.


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