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Make Alignment Your New Mantra

alignment ceo csuite encourage results strategy success Jun 21, 2023

From Software Developer to the C-Suite!

How you can climb from Developer to Chief Executive...golden nuggets from a CEO, CTO, CPO...

For years, I spent my days and weeks looking around my organizations for a 'silver bullet' solution to my work challenges.

Oftentimes, I would pick up a tidbit of gold. Other days, it was like everybody I spoke too only seemed to care about themselves and their projects - they didn't want to help me, I was a distraction!

You can avoid experiencing more of this frustration by checking out my latest blog interview with the confounding business and product master, Lance Douglas

In this short interview, we cover:

✅ Being A Team Player

✅ High Performing Teams.

✅ Communication, "ALIGNMENT is the New Agreement".

✅ How To SIMPLIFY Your Career To AMPLIFY The Results.

✅ How To Help Your Team & Organization Activate Alignment.







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